The Frame:

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Back view of frame

Side View
The same frame can hold either a standard photo enlargement or can be back lit with the Photoglow LED light source.  Bright, dimmable, energy efficient, thin and light, this is the most realistic faux window you will find.
The Styles:
The Wood:
The Guts:
Our frames are all solid wood.  Custom wood, paint, and stain options are available.
Portrait Arch
Portrait Four Light
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Landscape Arch
Product overview:
Product offerings as follows:
Basic Frame:  Standard frame designed to hold standard photo enlargements.
Deluxe Frame:  Same as the basic frame cut out to hold a Photoglow lighting unit.  Frame can still hold standard photo but can be upgraded to hold the Photoglow back light.  Photoglow requires a translucent photo.
Specialty Frames:  Includes small frames that can hold calendar pictures, frames for cubicles,  medicine chest, medical chart frame, hide-a-safe frame.
Custom:  Any size, any style.  Includes casings for real windows, the “Classic” window frame, and anything else that you can imagine.
Landscape Arch
Landscape four light
Four Light

Red Oak