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The introduction of light has profound effects on image quality.
The PhotoGlow backlit frame (patent pending) represents the ultimate coalescence of progressive science and artistic expression.

Using a technology derived from his work with lasers for medicine, optical physicist Ed Sinofsky has created line of backlit picture frames that bring unprecedented vibrancy, energy and resonance to traditional digital photographs.

Some people may have seen the backlit photograph display boxes found in theatres, lobbies and airports. These bulky, low tech devices work by placing fluorescent bulbs behind the image, providing spotty, inconsistent lighting.

PhotoGlow backlit frames incorporate a proprietary "edgelighting" technology which allows for even, uniformed illumination without the need for a cumbersome casing. In fact, at less than one inch thick, the profile of a PhotoGlow frame is virtually indistinguishable from any other desktop or wall-mount picture frame!

PhotoGlow frames are offered in a variety of sizes (5x7 to 24x36) with five different available finishes. Custom sizes are also available, including panoramas.  All frames include a power supply with a 15' super-thin cord.

Ed Sinofsky has made a career out of the manipulation of light. After earning a Ph.D. from the University of Arizona Optical Science Center, he designed and developed a fiber-optic cylindrical light distributor (the “Lightstic”) widely used in a diversity of medical procedures. He also founded CardioFocus, a company utilizing photonic energy for the treatment of cardiovascular disorders.

Sinofsky’s mastery of “sculpting” light into desired shapes for various medical applications led him to the ability to uniformly and efficiently light a flat plate of any size; and PhotoGlow was born.

PhotoGlow backlit frames can be found providing a unique aesthetic to art installations, restaurants, trade shows, corporate lobbies, retail stores and homes around the United States and beyond.

Get your PhotoGlow backlit picture frame today!
• Uniform illumination
• Dimming option available
• Low heat
• 15' super-thin power cord
• 20,000 hours of bulb life
• Patent pending technology
• Less than 1" thin
• Edgelighting technology