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Choosing an image for your Affordable View window frame.
The picture that will become your view is critical to the enjoyment of your new window frame.  The right image will establish a feel and a mood that will establish the illusion of a faux window.  This illusion, especially in the workplace, is all about stress relief, the calm happy place we go to in our mind helps us maintain a positive attitude.  

Research on healthcare environments suggests that the following image attributes reduce stress:

Vegetation, the color green reduces stress.
Depth and open space in the image reduces the feeling of claustrophobia.

What tends to not work well in window frames:

Movement, including close up views of moving water.
Distinct focal points in an image draw the eye to a spot on the picture, while this is an valuable characteristic of fine art photography, it does not support the illusion of a window.  
Galleries are first divided into Landscape and Portrait orientation and then by subject.  These subject can be navigated on the frame style view pages.  
Ocean and beaches
Fresh water lakes and streams
Trees and parks
Deserts southwest

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